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Maid Name: Haza Mae Ganab Prudenciano
Ref Code: MAF 1324
Type: Ex-Middle East maid
Infant/Baby Care
Filipino maid
Place Of Birth:
Date Of Birth:
Marital: -1
Children's Ages
Present Salary:
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Repatriating Port:

Maid Introduction

Haza Mae Ganab Prudenciano - She is a single mother of 12 years old child. She has experience working as a helper in Arab country and she is hoping to come in Singapore to work and earn money so she can help and support her family back in Philippines. She is able to take care of new born baby as she look after her own baby since birth, She also willing to learn new things and gain more experience

2021 -2023 - She worked in Kuwait and she was employed by a Family with only father and son. Her main duties are to do general housekeeping of the first level of the house where her employer stay. The second flor if her employer children with family also have their own helpers. Haza Mae also have to help with her employer coffee shop sometimes. She also do car washing, cooking and marketing. She served them for 1 year and 6 months

2017-2019 - She worked in Saudi and she was employed by Arabian family with 7 members, her employer has 3 children and the youngest is 2 years old and she took care of the 2 years old child. She also doing general housekeeping. They other Filipino helper is taking care of 9 years old child and doing all the cooking. The 3 other children are grown up adults. She served them family for 2 years.

Haza Mae has a tattoo below her ear and on her wrist. She is hoping to have employer that do not mind her having a tattoo.

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